Non-Invasive Tooth Decoration

We have nothing against body decoration, but punching holes in the tongue or lips is just not a good idea - have a look at our piercing page

If you want to make an oral fashion statement, there are safe ways. One  is to use "Twinkles" - decorative appliques that are bonded to teeth by the dentist, in the same way as orthodontic brackets. They can be left in place for years if desired, but are removable, and do not damage the tooth. They're also a lot cheaper than piercings.

(Sorry - we will only provide tooth decorations for our own patients. You can buy them online, but see you own dentist or orthodontist to have it safely bonded to your tooth.)

One supplier:

There is even something for the children - filling material for baby teeth is now made in various colours.  We can do a blue or pink filling if your child needs one and like the idea - the cost is the same as normal white fillings.


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